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My unique membership, Separation Anxiety Heroes, is the natural next progression if you need more help with training after reading the books.

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Plans from Be Right Back! Original

Want to take what you've learned in Be Right Back! and put it into practice? Use these free training plans!

Sample Separation Anxiety Plans from Be Right Back!

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Related Training Plans From Appendix B

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Separation Anxiety Progress Tracker Worksheet

Plans from Be Right Back! Puppy Separation Anxiety

If you're reading Be Right Back! Puppy Separation Anxiety and need any of the resources mentioned, click below to get access.

All Handouts from Be Right Back! Puppy Separation Anxiety


Watch these videos, as featured in the book

Magic Mat Training

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Fearful or Guilty Dogs?

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If you liked the books, but feel you need more guidance, here's how I can help.

If you're a dog owner, check out my Separation Anxiety Heroes membership. Membership includes tools, training tips, trainer support, and my unique separation anxiety training app. It's great value and you can join from as little as £39/$49.

For trainers, I offer a certification program: Certified SA Pro Trainer. If you'd like to take separation anxiety cases but aren't sure where to start. Or if you're already taking cases but would like to improve, this program is for you.